4 Benefits of Compound Chocolate for Baking Creations

Elmer 11 Februari 2022, Tips And Tricks
4 Benefits of Compound Chocolate for Baking Creations

Making baking creations easily and efficiently is definitely the desire of many people. One way to achieve this is by choosing the right products, such as choosing chocolate products that make the baking process easier. The answer could fall on the selection of compound chocolate.

Compound chocolate is one type of chocolate that is easily found in Indonesia. In addition, this type of chocolate is easy to process and can be applied as the main ingredient of baking and decoration in cakes, bakery and pastry.

There are other reasons that can be used as a reference in choosing compound chocolate to make the mainstay baking creations in the Elmer Lovers business.

Affordable Prices Help Reducing Production Costs

One of the things that entrepreneurs always consider in running their business is to package production costs so that they are not high. By choosing compound chocolate, entrepreneurs can reduce production costs because compound chocolate is relatively more affordable than couverture chocolate.

In addition, the excess funds can be used by entrepreneurs to provide added value to product visuals, packaging, or social media as a channel to promote products.

Baking Time Efficiency

Unlike couverture chocolate, compound chocolate does not contain cocoa mass but vegetable fat so that the processing process is easier, especially at the chocolate melting stage.

Couverture chocolate requires a tempering process, while compound chocolate is enough to melt using a microwave or using the au bain marie technique. Yes, it's that easy!

Heat Resistant, Indonesia's Tropical Temperature

Compound chocolate is not temperature sensitive because it has a higher melting point than couverture chocolate. This makes the compound chocolate has a low risk of melting during the shipping process.

This certainly makes the hearts of entrepreneurs calm if they send their baking creations outside their area. Isn't that right?

Easy to Process, Easy to Apply

It's not without reason that home bakers, industry, and professionals make compound chocolate their favorite. Compound chocolate has many applications such as molding, shaving, enrobing, coating, dipping, and chocolate decorating or modeling for cake, cookies, bakery, and pastry needs.

Elmer Lovers and other entrepreneurs are now given many choices of compound chocolate as the main ingredient and additional ingredients for baking creations. This number of choices certainly makes it easier and requires caution in choosing them. To provide convenience in choosing compound chocolate products, Elmer Chocolate provides Elmer Compound Dark with various grades to meet the creative and business needs of Elmer Lovers.