The Secret of Neat Donut Topping to Make Sales More Attractive!

Elmer 25 Maret 2022, Tips And Tricks
The Secret of Neat Donut Topping to Make Sales More Attractive!

Who doesn't know donuts? From morning snacks at the market to cafes, this one creation is sure to be a favorite of many. The delicious taste and soft texture are perfect for drinking coffee, birthday parties, snacking with colleagues at the office, and many more of course!

The easy process of making donuts also makes donuts an inspiration for creations that are in demand and enjoyed by various groups. This creation can also be used as one of the product ideas for sale by Elmer Lovers. However, even though the process of making it is easy, there are still many who do not pay attention to the appearance of the donuts, especially the toppings so that they look messy.

Here are tips and tricks to make the donut topping look beautiful and neat:

Let the donuts cool down

The main mistake in decorating donuts is usually to give the donut topping as soon as the donut is finished frying. The hot temperature of the freshly fried donuts can melt the chocolate or other toppings, making them runny and untidy. To fix this, wait for the donuts to cool or put them in the freezer so that the donuts cool faster, then add a variety of different Elmer Dip Glaze toppings.

Cover the less smooth part

When the donuts are finished, there are parts that are not smooth for one reason or another. Therefore, apply the topping on a less smooth surface so that the donut looks perfect.

Make sure the toppings stick

Make sure the toppings stick to the donuts so that when you eat them the toppings don't fall apart. Use Elmer Dip Glaze with the right proportions so that other toppings such as Elmer Chocorice, Elmer Sugar Sprinkle, and others can stick neatly and last.

Use the right packaging

It's a shame if donuts with neat and beautiful toppings have to be destroyed when packaged or given to dear relatives. For that, make sure Elmer Lovers use the right packaging and sizes so that the donuts are kept safe.

Store at the right temperature

In addition to the right temperature when applying toppings on donuts, donut storage temperature is also important! Make sure the temperature when storing the donuts is not too hot so that the donut topping is maintained.

Now, are you confused about how to make neat and beautiful donuts? Let's make donuts! Don't forget to check out Elmer Chocolate Official's Youtube for a tutorial on making donuts and Instagram Elmer for a delicious donut recipe!