Story of Yule Log Cake

Elmer 28 Desember 2023, Common Knowledge
Story of Yule Log Cake

It turns out there are various cakes closely related to the Christmas tradition! Every country in the world has cakes with their own stories and meanings, one of them being the Yule Log Cake. This cake isn't just a special dessert; it's a symbol of warmth and togetherness among people.

The Yule Log Cake has an interesting history within ancient Christmas celebrations. During the transition from winter to spring, trees were regarded as symbols of eternal life by European societies. Every festive night, a tree log was burned in the fireplace to welcome back the sun and a fertile harvest. The wood was blessed to protect the house and its inhabitants from the winter. The choice of wood was meticulously considered, as different woods held distinct meanings, such as fruit tree wood symbolizing abundance and oak wood symbolizing strength. The wood had to produce good sparks; the higher the sparks, the better the upcoming year. Hence, this cake is considered a symbol of celebrating warmth, hope, and the continuity of life amid the dark winter. 

As time passed, large cities emerged, and the need for fireplaces diminished, making it difficult to uphold the tradition of burning logs in the fireplace. This tradition eventually evolved and transformed into a rolled cake known as Yule Log Cake, made from rolled sponge cake layered with cream or ganache. The cake is decorated to resemble a log in the fireplace and is often adorned with forest-themed decorations like mushrooms or leaves to make it more realistic.

The Yule Log Cake isn't just about its special significance but also its delicious taste. It's no wonder this rolled cake is always present during Christmas. For Elmer Lovers planning to make a Yule Log Cake, tutorials are available on the Elmer Chocolate Official channel.

Elmer Chocolate's version of the Yule Log Cake is made with a combination of Elmer Cocoa Powder Af. Red 20-24% and Bakerline SP Maxi 68, giving it a dominant chocolate flavor and a soft texture. For its outer decoration, Elmer Dip Glaze Dark and Bakerline Whipped Cream are mixed into a mousse cream, resulting in a double chocolate sensation! Enjoy trying it out, Elmer Lovers.