Nastar Cookies, Little One For Nobles

Elmer 25 Maret 2022, Common Knowledge
Nastar Cookies, Little One For Nobles

Welcoming one of the holidays in Indonesia, namely the month of Hari Raya Idul Fitri, you must be familiar with various delicious food creations from heavy meals such as ketupat with rendang and opor to pastries that accompany the celebration. Cookies are usually given as a sign of love to maintain good relationships and to stay in touch with family, friends, and loved ones. Cookies can also be shipped long distances using couriers so family and friends far away can still enjoy these delicious cookies. In addition, this delivery process was carried out considering the pandemic situation that was not over yet.

Pastries that are always available during this holiday are nastar cakes. Nastar is almost always present at festive occasions such as Eid, Christmas, and even Chinese New Year. Well, this time, let's take a peek at interesting info about nastar so you can get to know it better before eating it.

History of Nastar Cake

Nastar cake is a pastry that has long been known in Indonesia, even since colonial times. This cake filled with pineapple is one of the cakes that uses a recipe from the Netherlands. Nastar was inspired by a pie filled with fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, apples, and so on.

The Origin of the Mention of Nastar

The name nastar cake is a combination of two Dutch words, namely "ananas" and "taartjes" which are combined into nastar so that it is easier to pronounce.

Pineapple, The Famous Nastar Stuffing

Nastar is identical to the stuffing that comes from pineapple. This is due to the fact that it was difficult to find the fruit that was used as the filling for pies in Indonesia during the colonial era, so pineapple was used as a substitute. Pineapple is a fruit that is easily found in tropical countries like Indonesia. Over time, nastar has developed to be more modern and contemporary because the fillings are more diverse, ranging from chocolate, dates, cheese, and other fruit jams.

Nobles food

Elmer Lovers must be wondering why nastar is called the nobles food. This is because nastar is a special food on holidays to be served to nobles and rich people.

Lucky food?

Nastar cake is also considered a food that marks the arrival of good luck by the Chinese. Nastar in Hokkien language is referred to as “ong lai” which means golden pear. The sweetness of nastar symbolizes sweet sustenance for those who celebrate it.

Well, that's some interesting information about nastar cakes! Don't forget to be creative!

Apart from being a family snack at home, it can also be used as inspiration for selling. If you want to try chocolate filled nastar, don't forget to use Elmer because #BersamaElmerBisa make creations easier and more delicious!