Four Differences between Chiffon Cake, Sponge Cake, and Butter Cake

Elmer 15 April 2022, Common Knowledge
Four Differences between Chiffon Cake, Sponge Cake, and Butter Cake

What is the difference between Chiffon cake, Sponge Cake, and Butter Cake? In the world of cakes, these three types of cakes are familiar. However, there are still many who are confused about the difference between the three, especially between a chiffon cake and a sponge cake. Don't worry, Elmer Lovers, let's discuss the differences between chiffon cake, sponge cake, and butter cake here.

There are at least 4 differences between these three types of cake, namely :

1. Texture

The textures of these three cakes are different! Chiffon cake has a very soft and smooth texture and has large pores. Butter cake has the densest texture and is easy to dry. On the other hand, sponge cake is in between the other two types of cakes. Sponge cake has a denser texture than chiffon cake but is still soft and porous.

2. How to cook

Different textures must be produced by different cooking methods. How to cook chiffon cake is to stir sugar with egg whites until fluffy first and mix the egg yolks with other ingredients. In making sponge cake, egg yolks and whites are mixed together. In making butter cake, the combination used is butter and sugar as the name implies.

3. Temperature when baking

The temperature used must be appropriate to produce maximum creations. For chiffon cake and sponge cake, the temperature used is between 180-200 degrees Celsius, while for butter cake between 160-170 degrees Celsius.

4. How to store

Chiffon cake and sponge cake can be stored in the refrigerator. Chiffon cake can be enjoyed immediately after being stored in the refrigerator. As for sponge cake and butter cake, the cake can be stored in an airtight container to keep the cake moist. If you don't use a container, then the cake can go through the thawing process, or thawing frozen cakes, before enjoying.

So that's Elmer Lovers, the difference between chiffon cake, sponge cake, and butter cake. Choose the type and technique that suits your needs. Of course, Elmer Chocolate and Bakerline products are ready to accompany the Elmer Lovers baking process.

So, have you been able to determine the type and technique of making your favorite cake? Let's try to be creative in order to better understand the difference between the three.