How to Orders

In Elmer Chocolatier, there's a lot of decoration that you can buy. This is how you do it :

  • Choose product that you like at easy decor section
  • After you decide the product, you can see your shopping cart to see what product(s) that you have choosed. You also can change the quantity that you desired. After deciding, click Checkout.
  • At Checkout section, you must fill a few data like Name, Address, Phone Number. After filling the form, you will see a confirmation page, make sure all your data is correct, then click Submit.
  • After all data is saved, then you shall wait for confirmation from Elmer's Admin by phone..

After you get the confirmation from Elmer's Admin, you should transfer the exact amount of money to Elmer's account (that been told when confirmation by phone). After you transferred, you must send a confirmation to Elmer's Admin that you have tranferred the exact amount of money. After Elmer's Admin makes sure that you have transferred the correct amount, Elmer's Admin will send the product(s) to the address you have provided.

For any help you can contact us!