White Block
Available Pack : 4x5kg, 12x1kg, 24x250gr
Applicable for : moulding, scrapping, chocolate cream, mousse filling, decoration

Elmer White Ghana Compound
A Premium White Chocolate is the best in its class, using the best quality milk in the world as it base, it provides a perfectly blending flavors.
Flavor : Creamy & Milky

Elmer White Classic Compound
Delivers creamy taste of chocolate milk flavor pleasure. Produced from mixing the best quality of milk and vanilla.
Flavor : Creamy & Milky

Elmer White Tropical Compound
This Sweet Vanilla Flavor Chocolate is produced specifically for the moulding and decorations. It has a bright white color and is very suitable for high temperature room and tropical climates.
Flavor : Milky & Creamy

Elmer White Bakery Compound
Chocolate with good heat resistant, best for tropical climate and bakeries that work using a lot of high temperature equipment. Have a sweet taste and known as chocolate with best economical value in its class.
Flavor : Semi bittersweet - Milky