Filling Chocolate
Available Pack : 4x5kg
Applicable for : Bread Filling and Cakes

Elmer Filling Ghana
A type of Chocolate Paste for bread filling, heat resistant and stable all along the process of making a bread. It is a combination result of good taste and the best molten texture. This chocolate is perfect for bread filling.
Flavor : Bittersweet

Elmer Filling Classic
Born from blending Indonesia’s typical flavors along with Africa’s best quality of raw materials, making this Filling Chocolate so popular.
Flavor : Bittersweet – Creamy

Elmer Filling Tropical
Bread Filling Chocolate Paste that is heat-resistant and stable in the process of making bread. A combination of chocolate and milk with a good melting point. Very suitable for filling cakes and breads.
Flavor : Sweet & Milky