About Us

elmerchoFederal Food Internusa Company was first established in the year 2006, as one of the leading producers of premium class chocolate in Indonesia. Equipped with stateof-the-art European machineries inside a modern facility we are capable of manufacturing chocolate for more than 18.000 MT capacity, annually.

We operate across the country, producing both Couverture Chocolate and Compound Chocolate for Bakeries and other industrial food companies and distributors. We have more than 50 types of chocolate to be applied in numerous baking necessities, from various chocolate blocks, powders, fillings, coatings, spreads, dipping, sprinkles, as well as chocolate for topping and decorations. Our products produced from the highest quality raw materials from Indonesia and West Africa.


Providing various good quality products for every customer’s needs, as well as being supportive to help them improve their business through any creative innovations.


The common perception of chocolate in Indonesia is towards a sweet confectionary. While in fact, the good taste of chocolate tends to be bitter. We produce new taste of chocolate, which is more bitter, with less sugar content, higher cocoa content and a stronger chocolate aroma. We continue to make innovations through our expertise and our focus on R&D to cater to the growing needs of our customers worldwide. On top of our high quality chocolate products, we offer value-added services to our customers by giving consultations, recipes, creative tools to bakeries, chefs, and home industries.

We value our customers as our business partners. Together with our customers, we grow towards a high quality  standard, competitive pricing, and excellent customer satisfaction. These values reflected in our tagline the “Inspiring Innovation”.